Unique and interesting main visual theme shown in NTCUST’s YODEX booth

Exhibitor Press Releases

Using “medium” as its key concept of YODEX exhibition held in TWTC on May 1-4, students from National Taichung University of Science and Technology College of Design (NTCUST/CoD) which includes Departments of Commercial Design, Interior Design and Multimedia Design demonstrate what creativity means to them. Completely different from previous manners of abstract expression, instead, this year’s main visual theme displays a unique and interesting image that conveys core value of “communication”.

The English slogan, Endless Transformation, represents the conversion process of “medium”. A scenario of pinball machine where fleeing and rebounding pinball symbolize resonance among three departments shows various emotions iteratively triggered by design messages.  It implies that young design students finally grow to maturity through trials, extracting either success or failure, without any hesitation. Like vital pinball are ready for their next shot.
Students from three departments exhibit totally 50 design projects categorized into visual communication design, packaging design, product design, multimedia design, outdoors installation art, interactive installation art, interior and landscape design and creative architecture design. NTCUST’s students are further striving to win the prize of “Young Pin Design Award” newly established and awarded this year by YODEX.


To them, YODEX is not only the title of an exhibition but that of young designers. They expect to bring their talent into full play and also enjoy the opportunity of learning from other colleagues exhibited in this platform. In this nationwide college and high school students design exhibition, they are glad to and endeavor to create attractive but not vulgar projects in accordance with their own commitments.

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