Design Fever

Exhibitor Press Releases

 To inspire designers of new generation, the Department of Commercial Design MCU uses “Design Fever” as this year’s theme. Visually, we use amusing and abnormal images to express the idea of being inside the happiness of designing. Also, we create “Melting Man” as the main illustration character. We believe that the continuously heating passion will help us to be unafraid of obstacles, and be always happy and positive to enjoy designing.

The visual design includes: “Seek for perfection and be undismayed,” “Self-improve in competition and survive in difficult environment,” The sunrise comforts,” “To earn less is to learn more”…etc. These visual contents are resonant to designers, and also hilarious. “Design Fever” implants the core value “Design Happily” by the approach of easy and appealing. With the guidance of Chen-Chih Feng、chan-cheng Cho and other 11 professional instructors, 30 talented teams will be presenting their masterpieces in Yodex 2015. Welcome to join this wonderful event, and let’s celebrate our “Design Fever.”

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